Monday, 27 October 2008


Write the poem as a textmessage in your mobile phone.
Try to re-create the original punctuation.
Send it to another groupmember.
Re-write the sented message with it´s new punctuation.
Forward the message to another groupmember.
Continue until it has passed all the groupmembers mobile phone.

Distorting structure

examples for recording poem 3

examples for recording poem 2

Re-writing poem using symbol input setting of japanese mobile.

?~?。@ー~?@~。~~?@~?~~ 。@ー~
ー@。~ー@@。。~~~。ー~。~。~+~~~~ _~ ー 。
~ _ 。ー。 ー@ 。 &。@。ー。&
@~ _。_~ ー。 ~__@~@
@ー@。~ー@@_~~_@~@。?。??ー_~ _~@
_@。ー ~&
~ 。@ー~ 。~@ー~。。~_?_。。@ー~

Friday, 24 October 2008